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Adoption is complicated and emotional, particularly for the adoptive parents. The high stakes nature of the legal process requires the help of a skilled and seasoned attorney. On behalf of adoptive parents, Channing Powell works efficiently and effectively to move the process along and allow them to add to their family.
With something so important, you want a lawyer who will do things correctly the first time and avoid legal problems in the future. You want an advocate at your side who will attend to every detail in all notifications. Most importantly, you want someone who will focus on the best interests and welfare of adopted children.
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A Mississippi Adoptive Parents And Grandparents Rights Attorney At Your Side

Whether you are a birth parent consenting to an adoption or a family member looking to protect a child, Channing Powell will remain at your side, protecting your rights. He will spend the time necessary to understand the situation that brought you to his law office. Each adoption has unique elements. Each case is treated individually with personalized service and tailored strategies.
While uncontested adoptions enjoy a faster process, contested adoptions are rife with emotional elements that can prolong proceedings. The natural parents must have abused, neglected or abandoned the child. Terminating parental rights is a difficult, but necessary step.
In these cases, Channing Powell has represented not only adoptive parents, but also grandparents and other relatives looking to provide a loving and supporting home for children.

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