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Divorce And Family Law Attorney in Gulfport, Mississippi


Family Law

M. Channing Powell specializes in all matters regarding family law. Areas of concentration include divorce, child custody and support, paternity, and adoption.


Whether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, M. Channing Powell is here to help. He can even handle all complex issues involving civilian and military divorces.

Wills & Probate

M. Channing Powell has helped many people through the unfortunate legalities that follow the loss of a loved one, including wills and probate.

Contested Estates

When the appointment of an estate is “contested” after the loss of a loved one, a range of possible legal issues arise. M. Channing Powell can help you find a favorable resolution.

Welcome to M. Channing Powell Attorney At Law

Family law matters can affect all aspects of your life. Divorce in particular can tax you financially, emotionally and physically. You anxiously await the next chapter of your life that has been placed on hold until a complex legal process is completed.
With that in mind, M. Channing Powell Attorney At Law, prefers to keep the legal process moving along efficiently while being thorough in his investigations and attending to every detail. Mississippi and out-of-state residents come to his firm from all walks of life. Yet, they share the same goal of getting through everything as quickly as possible.

Personalized Service With A Personal Touch

Specific areas of the firm's practice include:
  • Civilian and military divorce, including division of property, child custody and child support
  • Paternity
  • Adoptions and guardianships
  • Estate law, including wills and probate
During your initial consultation, Channing Powell determines your specific needs and goals. Each case is treated individually with tailored strategies based on the specific issues. At this law office, you are a person, not a number on a case file. Throughout every step of the process, this office will remain at your side, protecting your rights.
Often times, contested cases settle either before trial or at the Courthouse on the day of trial. Regardless of how a case is ultimately resolved, this firm initially treats each case as if it is going to trial and we will be ready for trial at the trial date. We do not drag out cases, but attempt to set a trial date early in the process.

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